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Davenport kitchen 1.jpg
Davenport Historic

It’s not often we get the chance to work on an historic home.  We  were fortunate to be asked to design a new addition as well as a renovation to the interior of a early 1900’s farm house in Davenport, Florida.  The house has passed through three generations of the same family.  The current owner grew up in the house that was then owned by his grandparents.  The home was originally built in the early 1900’s but was destroyed by fire.  It was rebuilt in the early 1940’s and remained in that state until our renovations.

We completely changed the floor plan of this kitchen, removing the wall between the kitchen and the previous rear porch to open up the space.  There was also an existing chimney in the kitchen that was no longer used that was also removed.  By changing the layout, we were able to make the kitchen a lot more functional and allow room for an island with seating.

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