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“We purchased an older lake home last year that needed a full renovation with regard to living space, both outside and inside. After meeting with Tom to discuss the scope of the work we knew we had found the right partner. Tom and Steve are masters at their craft and were a pleasure to work with. They were instrumental in making our vision for this home a reality and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Thank you Lamar Design!”

“Lamar Design was exactly the partner we needed for our project. We did a complete remodel of our kitchen which included moving appliances and walls. They took our ideas and wishlists, and came up with a design even better then we had imagined. They supported us through the structural engineering process and worked directly with the contractor to bring the project together. We will be calling them for our next project.”

“The decision to remodel the 1940ʼs ʻold home placeʼ was not an easy one, nor was choosing a designer and builder once we decided to remodel. We were only going to get one chance and it had to be right. There would be a tremendous amount of planning involved even before we started demolition and construction. Our main concern from day one was to try and find both a designer and builder that shared our vision. After numerous interviews and a lot of research we had finally made our decision."

"The project would require countless hours of planning and preparation. Building a new house from scratch is a lot easier than a total remodel any day. Taking a 70 year old home and completely remodeling it is not for the faint of heart. There is also a point of diminishing returns to consider when you begin a project of this magnitude."

"After a year and a half of research, interviews, planning and then designing, we began the project. One year later we have finally completed our ʻdreamʼ home and we couldnʼt be happier. It has exceeded our expectations. I wanted to honor both my grandparents and parents and make them proud. I truly believe we succeeded. The home was their legacy and the place I had grown up in so there are a lot of great memories there. The real task was to make it modern but still keep it ʻperiodʼ looking. The new additions and changes had to look like they were there from the time it was first built in 1940. Remarkably we were able to do just that."

"We are so glad that we chose Lamar Design to champion the design on the project. You guys shared our vision and were able to bring so much to the table. Your whole objective seemed to be ʻget it rightʼ now matter what it took. There were a lot of variables to contend with and your expertise allowed us to view all angles before making a final decision."

Job well done! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and effort to make this project a reality. We couldnʼt have done it without you. You guys are the best.”


“It was a pleasure working with Tom on our remodel.  He thought of many details we had not considered, and was able to help us make our concept a reality. Tom didn’t just draw the plans and disappear.  He was constantly on site, making sure the builder understood the plan, thus, costly mistakes were avoided. We didn’t have to redo anything, which was remarkable in a remodel of an older home. He also understands engineering.  Now my house not only looks good, but it has structural integrity.”


“Contacting Lamar Design was the best decision we’ve ever made! We gave them freedom to come up with a remodel design for our 1950’s home and what they delivered was incredible! Not only are they extremely professional and talented but they are “down to earth” and easy to communicate with. We would be very happy to speak with others and explain in greater detail our very positive experience with the Lamar Design team.”

“When I walked into Lamar Design, I immediately felt at ease with Tom and Steve. Their passion for quality design was so evident and moving.I had seen some of the homes they’ve built in my area, and when I got the opportunity to build a home, I turned to them. I had never built a home before and didn’t know much about the process or even exactly what I wanted, so when they were able to get at the dream that I didn’t even know was within, I was (and still am) amazed. They have answered all of my questions, replied to my emails and called or met with me any time I felt the need. They have been beyond patient, even taping off their own office to give me a feel of how big my shower would be."


"One of the things that I have taken great comfort in is that even though the design is completed, they do not consider their work finished. They are visiting the building site on a regular basis making sure it is being built as designed. While they have a good working relationship with my builder, Tom has always made it clear that they work for me, not the builder."


“I enjoy the team atmosphere that I get while working on projects with you, and thank you for continued support during the projects that we have completed together."

The knowledge and coordination of engineering is unsurpassed in quality, while understanding the importance of a project schedule, even during the holiday season. This type of service reflects well on Lamar Design and all parties involved."

“Tom and Steve were amazing to work with on our 1950’s home redesign. They listened carefully to our requests and came up with creative solutions. Very professional and talented team at Lamar and I highly recommend them for your most difficult project."

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Lamar design entire team was professional and very easy to work with. They listened to our desires and delivered a beautiful design. Amazing support in interior design as well. We highly recommend this firm.

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From the beginning to the end, they were professional and proficient.  Beyond that, they showed great patience, as my wife and I were sometimes indecisive.  In the end, we all worked very well together and created what we believe is a beautiful home that we will enjoy for many years.

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